Why buy my music ?

Many of my music it is already available for illegal download on half a dozen sites around the world, including several Russian Federation based websites.

First of all, to clarify that most of my audience are true followers and supporters of my music, which I am very grateful. However, some people might wonder what is wrong with illegal downloading an album for their private use only, and they may truly believe that doing this does not injure anyone.  The truth is that,  we, independent artists, need to pay our bills, pay a mortgage just like you, and feed our family, and the way we do this is to sell our art. For that I need the income, the little of it there is, that my art generates. Every penny counts, my livelihood depends on it. 

At this point, perhaps you'll wonder how you can help me and all the rest of your favorite artists:

1.  If you like my music, buy it. This way you are directly helping me to keep creating.

2.  Do not purchase my music from sites that are not authorized by me. You can see a list of sites selling my albums legally on the  music menu.